Mackenzie Dern twists opponent up like a pretzel, wins via 1st round submission


Mackenzie Dern in her second MMA fight wins via submission. Watch as she ends this fight with a very pretzel-like situation. Mackenzie is a well-recognized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter from Gracie Humaita who became a world champion numerous times. She is being hailed as the next Ronda Rousey. Watch her fight below:

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Jon Bones Jones competing at NAGA


UFC Champion Jon Bones Jones took to the mats to compete at a NAGA grappling event. Here is one of his matches. What do you think of his skills?  

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Shark Jumps Through Cage


Watch this video of a great white shark jumping through a shark cage.

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Marcelo Garcia Spars With UFC Champion Tyron Woodley


I was watching Tyron Woodley’s channel today and noticed he had some footage in New York. At 3:40 of the video below it show shim going into Marcelo Garcia’s academy to train with him. It shows a little bit of their roll together and a short conversation between the UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and…

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How To Make a 1,000 Mistakes in Jiu JItsu


It almost seems counter-intuitive but getting submitted, losing position, and essentially “losing” is the quickest way to “winning”. What does that mean? The quicker you make the mistakes necessary to figure out your path to success the better. And there are a lot of mistakes to make and they will be ongoing. This means putting…

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Learning BJJ and Having Fun At The Same Time


A lot of people talk about having fun while learning Jiu Jitsu. Some refer to it as “playing”. For many years I did not agree with this until I began to see it in a another form. I’ll tell you a brief story that I find analogous. When I lived with a few young Brazilian…

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4 Black Belt Tricks to Finish The Armbar With Keenan Cornelius


Here is a 2-part video series with Atos Black Belt Keenan Cornelius. Keenan goes over different scenarios to finishing the armbar. One interesting point that Keenan spoke about was the difference between crossing your legs to finish the arm and not crossing your legs. Keenan also shows a detail form bottom that will prevent stacking…

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Kron Gracie vs. Hideo Tokoro Rizin 2 Japan


Kron Gracie, son of the legendary Rickson Gracie, recently fought Hideo Tokoro in Rizin 2, a Japanese promotion. Alongside Kron was Rickson Gracie and on Hideo’s corner was Kazushi Sakuraba who was a very famous fighter in Pride manys years while beating numerous Gracies. Watch this fight below:

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