4 Black Belt Tricks to Finish The Armbar With Keenan Cornelius


Here is a 2-part video series with Atos Black Belt Keenan Cornelius. Keenan goes over different scenarios to finishing the armbar. One interesting point that Keenan spoke about was the difference between crossing your legs to finish the arm and not crossing your legs. Keenan also shows a detail form bottom that will prevent stacking…

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Kron Gracie vs. Hideo Tokoro Rizin 2 Japan


Kron Gracie, son of the legendary Rickson Gracie, recently fought Hideo Tokoro in Rizin 2, a Japanese promotion. Alongside Kron was Rickson Gracie and on Hideo’s corner was Kazushi Sakuraba who was a very famous fighter in Pride manys years while beating numerous Gracies. Watch this fight below:

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CM Punk vs Mickey Gall


Cm Punk fought Mickey Gall in UFC 203. Here is the action below:  

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How Teaching Jiu Jitsu Can Teach You


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. –Albert Einstein Teaching Jiu Jitsu, especially in front of a challenging audience is a great way to learn. Teaching can force you to field questions and become very self-aware of what you know, what you don’t know and how to handle questions. I…

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Brock Lesnar has about “ten words” for Conor McGregor


Brock Lesnar of the WWE responds to Conor McGregor’s negative remarks toward the WWE. Brock was initially asked a stupid question. Then Brock said he can respond in about ten words to what Conor McGregor has said about the WWE. Watch the video below: What are your thoughts?

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Jordan Burroughs upset in quarter finals (video of altercation and match pictures)


Jordan Burroughs of the US Olympic wrestling team is seen below getting pushed by Russian wrestler Aniuar GEDUEV in what was a contentions quarter-final match. Jordan was the defending Gold Medalist and was upset by the Russian early on. Geduev was seeded number 2 in the world but because of the blind draw they met in the…

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2016 Olympics Wrestler Uses Submission (puts opponent to sleep)

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.55.01 PM

Russia’s Roman Vlaslov was put to sleep with a chokehold and woke back up and then came back to win the match in a Greco Roman match at the 2016 Olympic Games In Rio De Janeiro. Check out this video below: If you want more chokes simply click here.

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Conor McGregor Grappling Training with his Coach and Dillon Danis


Conor McGregor has his own youtube channel where he shows out-takes from his daily training regimen. Here he is training for UFC 202 (against Nate Diaz) with a few guys, including Dillon Danis from Marcelo Garcia Academy and his Coach John Kavanagh. Some good training in this video: What do you think of Conor’s grappling…

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