3 Tips on how to select a Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A lot of talk on this topic of selecting Gis in Jiu Jitsu.

So here are 3 tips in selecting a Gi (kimono) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

1. There should be a sizing chart. Regardless, call the brand and talk about the sizes if need be. We all have differing body types. See if you can try it on. That means if a company online offers a free 30 days with a warranty get it sent to you and make sure it fits. That doesn’t mean use it and roll and screw it up and then send it back. You should really want the Gi but simply want to be sure it fits.

2. Shrinkage: If you want a Gi and it’s popular or the brand is popular ask around to see how much it shrinks and how best to wash it. This is great to know and can save you from wanting to wear a Gi that’s gotten too small or wasting money on it. make sure it feels good after a wash also instead of like cardboard. You can also google to see if the Gi has been reviewed somewhere.

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3. Make sure if you compete it is IBJJF legal. Some Gis look super cool but they may not be IBJJF legal because of the color scheme or a number of other of conflicting issues. Not everyone competes so this may not be an issue for many people.

Any other tips on selecting a Gi for Jiu Jitsu then list them below please.


Ken Primola
author of submission combos
and comp escapes