4 Phrases That Jiu Jitsu Junkies Use

Let’s take a look at 4 words or phrases that are used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu culture and perhaps in a few other cultures as well:

1. Oss

This is very common. Although it can be used in other arts it for sure is synonymous with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players. I use it as a sign off on emails all the time. Rarely face to face will I use it but I may at times as do others. It means respect, acknowledgment, or whatever you want it to mean. There are many definitions online so have at it trying to figure it out. I use it in the examples below in common everyday situations.

Example Number 1:

Training partner: Thanks for training today man, that was a good kimura you got me in.

Me: Oss

Example Number 2:

Training Partner: See you later bro

Me: Oss

2. Bro

Obviously in Hawaii and other cultures this is used. But it for sure is also widely used amongst Jiu Jitsu practitioners.

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Example Number 1:

Training Partner: What’s up bro, how was your training?

Me: Was great bro, oss.

Example Number 2:

Training Partner: You try the acai at that spot bro.

Me: Hell yeah bro, was sick. I had some bananas and granola on it.

3. Creonte

Creonte is a Portuguese word meaning traitor as set out by Carlson Gracie Sr. Some people, not a lot of people use it in regard to a former trainer partner who switched schools. I’d say is more common in Brazilian culture vis-a-vis Jiu Jitsu.

Example Number 1:

Training partner: That dude trained here his whole life then just switched schools.

Me: I know right, dude’s a creonte.

Example Number 2:

Training partner: I’m thinking of leaving the academy to go train down the road.

Me. Stop bro, don’t be a creonte.

4. Win or learn

This is often said during every training when you find you are losing in an area on the mat. Also this is said in competitions.

Training partner: I feel like crap, I got my a** kicked today.

Me: You win or learn bro.

Any others you can think of? List them below…


Ken Primola
author of BJJ Intelligence
& Competition Escapes