5 Tell-tale Signs You Are Becoming a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Junkie

Here is a list of five tell-tale signs that you are becoming a brazilian Jiu Jitsu junkie:

1. Verbiage:

You say goodbye to your Jiu Jitsu friends by saying “oss”. You end email conversations with “oss”. You are posting “oss” on facebook. Or you start saying Portuguese words like “Boa” for good or “porra” for when sh*t happens. Instead of thank you, you say “Obrigado” to your BJJ professor if they are Brazilian.

2. Food:

You start looking for frozen acai at super markets. You may even buy a blender just for this reason alone. You also start looking at what you eat differently because you want to live the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle off the mat also.

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3. Clothing:

You start not giving as much of a f*ck about clothes as you once had. You wear flip flops and sweats around more. You don’t shave as much. You wear Jiu Jitsu t-shirts. You leave your Gi pants on for longer than you should because you don’t feel like changing.

4. Waking Up Sore:

You are getting better and training with more competitive people in the room. Some days you have wars on the mat. So when you wake up your lower back feels like hell. Your fingers hurt. Your joints ache. You start talking about fish oils or even plant oils. You may even sleep longer because you feel so crappy. Yet you go back the next day for more.

5. You start to question your livelihood:

You have your same job for many years. You start to look at around and think “I want to live my passion. Man, I just want to travel and train Jiu Jitsu.” Things that you were once certain about you become less certain of and you start to reconsider a lot about life and how you can center more things around Jiu Jitsu.

Those are five things off the top of my head. How about You? Any other BJJ junkie signs?


Ken Primola
author of Submission Combinations