5 Ways To Spice Up Your BJJ training

Five ways to spice up the BJJ Blues.

Jiu Jitsu is one of the greatest arts we know.

But sometimes we may get the bjj blues.

We may not have time to train. We may hit a plateau. We may get injured. We may even at time get bored or stuck in a rut. Have no fear.These 5 tips will spice up your BJJ life lickity split.

1. Focus on trying out new techniques. That’s right. Sounds simple enough. If you play a certain guard try a totally different one and get good at it. The process of development and growth in and of itself should give you a burst of new found energy that you’ll want to come to practice to test it out and watch it develop.

2. Train a different modality. Whether it’s Gi to No Gi or vice versa. Whether it’s Judo, Sambo, or even a striking art – mix things up. This can often give your Jiu jitsu a new perspective and outlook so you can have even more fun with new insights. I’ve even gone so far out of the element to take up rock climbing and the ideas regarding body awareness and efficiency I can’t wait to bring into my Jiu Jitsu game.

3. Watch video. Make 20 minutes of your day focused on video study and hold yourself accountable to that timeframe. That means if you have to wake up early or stay up late make it a point to get it done. As you begin studying to will begin to see things you never knew and eventually will have a marked advantage over others with your new found wisdom. You can try and experiment with the new insights you’ve gained providing a new lens to make your game even that much more fun.

4. Enter a competition. No pressure. Don’t focus on how you do. Just do it. The best way to get good at competition is to get your feet wet and compete. This will give your class study more focus and provide you with new incentive to learn and experiment. Keep it fun. Learn the rules and strategy behind the game so you can have a different perspective. If you win then great. If you lose what have you really lost for actually stepping out there and challenging yourself? Nothing. You’ve only grown.

5. Visit another school or take a seminar. Sometimes a different environment and different perspective can give us a new outlook. We can form new bonds that may inspire us to train more or differently.

Any other tips?

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Ken Primola
creator of Grapp App (fun bjj learning tool)