From: Ken Primola, Pan Am Champion & World Champion Takedown Coach

RE: Mount Made Easy

Dear Fellow Jiu Jitsu Athlete,

I told them a story....

The kids Jiu Jitsu Class I used to teach

I asked them if they could swim. All 4 of them had raised their hands.

I said if you are ever in the ocean and you are stuck out there you can;t panic. Because if you panic you will drown.

So when on bottom mount or in any negative position it is going to be a lot easier if you are calm and relaxed. So when they woudl spart I woudl often try and have a conversation with them about a different subject when they were mounted. Why?

because if they were relaxed it woudl be much easier to escape and defend.


I look at this mind-set from all aspects of Jiu Jitsu and also on top in the mount position.

This series will not only teach you how to hold the mount position with ease.

You are going to have a connected set of techniques that are given to you in bite-sized chunks so it is extremely easy to remember and even easier to implement.

That is why when I developed Mount Made Easy.

I want people to be at ease on top and on bottom in the mount position.

I want them to feel that their is a boat nearby waiting to pick them up and by just knowing that they will be more relaxed, and level-headed when playing Jiu Jitsu.

As my way of saying thank you for the past 15 years of support from the Jiu Jitsu Community it feels like the perfect time to give this to you

The Mount Made Easy System is by far one of my greatest accomplishments. For sure it's more meaningful than any legal brief I could have ever written when I was a lawyer, lol.

Ken Primola

A Few Generous Words From My Friends

“I remember when I got here from Brazil and I met Ken Primola. We became friends and Ken was a great training partner for me. Ken helped me out a lot for my tournaments."

<span style='color : #2194D5;'>Robson Moura</span>
Robson Moura 8 x World Champion, Head of RMNU

“Ken was a fantastic student at the Brasa Academy in Rio. It’s awesome that someone with a  solid wrestling background is still willing to improve in other styles. Ken is definitely one of the better technicians I have met.”

<span style='color : #2194D5;'>Felipe Costa</span>
Felipe Costa World Champion

“Had an awesome training session with Ken. Ken tuned up my takedown game and made me that much more dangerous.”

<span style='color : #2194D5;'>David Avellan</span>
David Avellan David Avellan, 4 x ADCC Competitor (has victories over Xande Ribeiro and Rener Gracie)

So What's Inside The
Jiu Jitsu Mount Training System

If you dream of taking your Mount Game to that next level and need a system to make it happen, then what you have here is certainly a good answer to your problems.

It's fifteen years of real-world training (and competition at the pinnacle of the sport) right at your fingertips.

If you have been doing Jiu Jitsu for any length of time you know one technique truly can transform your life. I have travelled the world in search of those hidden gems and have included them all in this simple Mount Made Easy  System.

Nothing is held back or hidden in this program. This is not some monthly membership program. This is all of the Mount Made Easy  series.

Remember, you'll get instant access to this whole  program

  • Highly Proficient Mount Armlock (Super Useful Method While Teaching Also)

Mots top gurus just show their favorite armlock and expect everyone to just get it. But the armlock has many parts that aren;t spoken about in detail. these parts make all the difference. If you don;t often get the armlock from mount after watching this you wont; have any more excuse. It'll be a cinch from now on with these neat little tricks for finishing it almost every time.

  • Superior Details BaseBall Bat Choke

My former student Jose pretty much had the best baseball bat choke. It was virtually unstoppable when he got to the mount position. I am going to show you the way I taught it to him and the way that anyone can use it. It was pretty much like his only mount submission and the details we use make all the difference. If you want to see the usefulness of a baseball bat choke watch Maragrida vs Saulo in the Mundials years ago. It is a beats of a choke and the way we show it here will prove it's weight in gold.

  • Slick Bridge (Bump) Counter (Proving Your Dominance)

The goal when you get to the mount position is to finish from there. After watching this, if you get bumped off, it's your own fault, not mine. You will have the knowledge to hold the position, showing your dominance over your opponent..

  • Cross Choke (Special Insider Insights)

Such a common choke yet only a few people seem to capitalize on it. Take Roger Gracie for instance, he almost always finishes. I will now show you the best secrets I learned from all the world champions I have ever worked with. I honestly don't even want to give all of this away but I am happy to give it away to those who value it. Now it's up to YOU to use it and earn it on the mat. You have no excuse now as you are very well-equipped.

  • Double Attack

If you want the down and dirty basics on how to get the double attack this tutorial is filled to the brim for you with clever little details. This position is a strong part of Royler's game as well as a former teacher of mien named Rodrigo Medeiros.

  • Ezekiel Choke

Do you have a solid defense against an ezekiel choke. Well, if you don;t you are the norm. I don't find many people who know how to defend one from a technical standpoint. So let's make sure you have an ezekiel choke method that is sure-fire. Better to be the one using the choke than defending.

  • Keylock Armlock Transition

The keylock is a pretty simple technique and is often difficult to get right off the bat, especially in a high level match.Can it happen? Yes, but it's not the norm. So the next step is the armlock. What we are going to do is a sneaky, sure-fire way to set up and snag the arm to open us for us for the armlock. It will seem like your opponent is offering it to you as a gift.

  • Ryron Choke

About 13 years ago at a small school in philadelphia Ryron Gracie showed a mount set up that I have never forgotten and never revealed in this much detail ever before. This technique will surprise you when you see how easy and effective it is. trust that if  you implement this correctly it will work. If you remember when Ryron used to compete his mount was pretty much limitless in terms of effectiveness.

  • Technical Mount Back Choke

Knowing how to go from mount to the back or mount to the technical mount and understanding this will save you from losing everything. Id say as much as 75% of the time we lose mount for half guard or guard when we could have advanced to a better position and still gotten the finish. Understanding this one technique is worth more than the course alone.

  • Paper Cutter (deluxe method)

This is an almost forgotten move I learned ion one of my first lessons and have developed it into a nice little transition that you are going to see here.  This one is great and very simple to do as long as it's done right it ca work at any level (the way I show).

bets feeling in Jiu Jitsu if you have a system in place is being in control of your destiny


I'm not going to go on and on.

You get the point here.

If you can do one move correct then you can do the others correct. The problem is that some people go overboard and taking in everything all at once. Go step-by-step, day-by-day.

I made this so you can learn it easily. In fact, this course is stored online for you in a member's section you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the entire world, at any time.

It's broken down into bite sized chunks, so even though you are getting so many great techniques it goes by quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

This bite sized way of doing things will allow you to take faster action.

If what I have said interests you and we are on the same page then great, this program is going to really help your game. If not and what you have is already working then that is fine also.

Okay, I've Heard Enough Ken, I'm Ready To Make My Mount Unstoppable!

Let Me In

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