BJJ Scout: Demian Maia vs Tyron Woodley Preview

BJJ Scout the Jiu Jitsu Breakdown Guru has done it once again. This preview of Damien Maia and Tyron Woodley for their UFC 214 welterweight title fight is excellent and educational to say the very least.

This video goes over the keys to the fight.

For Woodley, if he can show patience and distance he may be able to frustrate Maia and eventually make him gas out.

If Maia can get Tyron against the cage and force a takedown he will be in a very dominant position.

In this video it shows the very crafty handwork of Damien Maia from the back position in order to enter a choke (a must see).

Ben Askren’s strategic advice is seen here also.

Check this breakdown out below:

Let us know who you think will win between Tyron Woodley and Damien Maia in the comments below.


Blog by Ken Primola
author of BJJ Intelligence