Crushing The Chin For Rear Naked Choke or Mount. Fair or Unsportsmanlike?

Let’s break this down…

In wrestling we used what was known as a cross face to block leg attacks.

In BJJ some are using the chin/jaw to gain a submission, for instance by using a rear naked choke and the guy tries to block with the chin.

Or when you mount and the guy blocks with their chin. This will likely be legal or even unseen. Now if you are cranking them in a certain manner to make it a neck crank then it will likely be illegal in most bjj tournaments.

Now, what about training? Did you ever get caught in a choke and then it turns into a squeeze of the jaw?

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One time a person was upset at me for hurting their jaw when I was finishing a cross choke from mount. I was not trying to hurt them to be honest with you. They just would not move their chin and were using it as their defense.

I didn’t know what to think. Was I being a d*ck? I don’t know.

I’m not a fan of getting my jaw crushed but it’s happened and I will tap if it causes too much pain and I generally don’t take it too personal.

I’m not a huge fan of doing it, for sure not in practice.

How about yourself? Is squeezing the chin/jaw okay to finish from the back or from mount? If the guy is using it to block?

In practice?

How about for competitions?

Let us know your thoughts?


Ken Primola
author fo BJJ Intelligence &
Competition Escapes