The High Percent Sweep System Will Instantly Give You An UNFAIR Advantage Against Any Opponent!

In the 2009 world championships I vowed that I would learn how to use sweeps like my life depended on it.

What was so pivotal about this date?

This was my second round match of the black belt adult world championships.

I was going up against a high level opponent with great balance

I was on bottom for a good duration of the match after a minute or two of stand up.

The reality is that after a good two minutes I ran out of sweeps and was stuck. He was bigger and stronger than me. My technique had literally run out.

I don't know about you. But I take that feeling pretty personally.

I train my ass off to compete, spend months training, pay for training, pay to fly out there, and then come up short and helpless.

I'm not some guy who says Jiu Jitsu is just for fun and it takes no work.

Screw being lucky.

The goal is master it and always be ready to collide with opportunities so it can work again and again. Not just one and done.

I mean, isn't that what life is all about.

And having left that tournament I knew my life would change forever.

Because we all know losers and winners both fail.

In fact only a true winner has failed (and likely more times than anyone).

What makes the difference is what you do after failure. This is what determines your destiny and more importantly, your character.

My destiny is to become the best I humanly can at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And it doesn't happen overnight.

That mind-set has never gotten away from me and never will. Nor should anyone with the heart of a champion think that much different.

I wanted to learn how to have a sweep from virtually every type of guard position.

So I took private lessons. I spent hundreds of hours.

And thousands upon thousands of dollars.

In order to learn all of these sweeps I learned and put into this course, no crap, I would literally say you would have to visit about 40-50 schools. Travel throughout Brazil, live in hostels near BJJ schools outside of California and train all over, have lived with me in Philadelphia, spent maybe 1500-2000 hour studying film, and living a 100% Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. And then compete all over the world.

But I'm not talking about learning just any sweeps. I only wanted to learn high percentage sweeps that worked against the very best so I could wash away that feeling of failure until the next trial.

What is the point of learning stuff that works against some people but not others.

I'm not sure about you but that isn't how I want to develop my skill set. Who cares about what looks pretty but doesn't work in the final hour when it counts.

I care about what works when it matters.

I'll lay it on the line and say this...

This course is my greatest work. You will now learn what has taken me years to fulfill. You now have a sweep system that you can look at as a guide to get you through those hard times and allow you to sweep those monsters that just won't seem to budge.

Point blank....You can either go through life worrying about getting your guard passed or making your opponent worry about your sweeps and submissions. It's up to you.

I made the High Percent Sweep System for those looking to go beyond the norm, those with a sense of inner pride and humbleness who know there is always more to learn. Those that know that nothing is handed to them. I made it as easy as possible. All you have to do now is put the work in.

Now is the time.

Best of Luck!

Ken Primola


Experience The High Percent Sweep System That Will Leave Your Competition Begging You To Teach Them Your Secrets!

High Percent Sweep System: Volume 1 - Closed Guard Sweeps

The closed guard sweeps inside this series will prove to be surprisingly effective on the mat in a rather short amount of time. From the get go your eyes are going to be watching in awe. When you see how simple some of these sweeps are and the subtle differences in there that make them work, you are going to be rubbing your hands together wanting to hit the mat right then and there.

I performed these techniques with my  black belt friend (Stevie Linton/ Active Competitor) of mine and he said this series alone is worth the whole course.

With this course right here some of the details took me years of study and private lessons, on top of watching what only works at the every highest levels. You will seriously begin to sweep people who are struggling their hardest not to get swept. And that feels great!

High Percent Sweep System: Volume 2 - Sitting Guard Sweeps

Having spent countless hours on the mat with  8 x Word Champion Robson Moura of Nova Unioa. His team, composed of BJ Penn, leo Santos, among other world champions were noted for this position. Let's just say I spare no details or secrets here.

After you learn this series you will never take a look at the sitting guard the same way again. And you will be better off for it. Finally start hitting the sweeps you once thought were not possible. This is a part of the game that many lack. A god top player will pass a crappy sitting guard.

But if you use the traps and insider tricks that are in this course they will start to back away rather than engage your sitting guard. It will become that dangerous.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume 3 - Butterfly Guard Sweeps

You will not only know how to be exceptionally aggressive from here. You will understand distance management so when people  near your guard  you they will immediately be put in danger.

When the distance is far you will know how to take advantage of your opponent when they approach you. You are going to get a very technical and philosophical look into what really makes this guard work and more importantly, you will learn why most people are failing and how to avoid it.

When your opponent is close and trying to flatten you out, you will learn the secret to avoiding it and the trick to using it against them. You will walk away from this course with a new found immediate confidence from the Butterfly Guard.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume - 4 Single Leg Guard Sweeps

If you can finish from this position (which you now can with ease), then you are going to be scary for anyone when you are on bottom. Especially against wrestlers.

No matter how much balance or experience a person has, now that you have the techniques to sweep them over from the single leg position. They are either going to come up with a new approach to go against you when you sit up or they are simply going to concede that they cant stop your sweeps and start avoiding you.

I am speaking from experience here. I showed this series to Pan Am Champion Dan Boyle and I cannot stop it when he uses it. he had no prior knowledge of it and in a matter of a week became dangerous.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume - 5 Open Guard Sweeps

Anyone can use the open guard. My grandmother can.

When you start using these sweeps good luck to your sparring partners. This guard, if done well, can be almost impossible to pass. In this course you will not only discover the hidden secrets I learned from Robson Moura, you will learn the secrets I learned at Checkmat in Rio that I have never seen anywhere else.

This course will be like injecting your guard with steroids. It will become that dangerous.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume - 6 Half Guard Sweeps

Through experience with trial and error,  NO stone will be left unturned with this series. The first sweep shown is worth the price of the whole course. I saw a high level blackbelt who I will not name using this on literally everybody in the gym while down in Brazil.

I picked his brain and laid it out for you so that you can perform it instantly.Your half guard will never be the same after you implement this series. You will also learn the key details to make the simplest and most common sweeps work that everyone messes up on.

Once you start implementing these details your half guard game will feel a surge of confidence that will carry over to your opponent's dismay. You will earn the respect of a high level half guard player no matter what mat you are competing in.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume - 7 De La Riva Sweeps

Once you start implementing this course you will immediately have a competitive advantage over your opponent. You will know how to use the De La Riva guard like a pro level player. It wont matter if they are sitting or standing, this course will look at all aspects.

You will also discover how to get into the De La Riva guard  from anywhere. After you implement this stuff your sweep ratio will jump up by at the very least, triple.

Inside you will learn a sweep taught to me by none other than the man himself Ricardo de La Riva, among the other sweeps that make this course an absolute MUST.

High Percent Sweep System: Volume - 8 X And Cross Guard Sweeps

The thing about X Guard (made famous by none other than Marcelo Garcia) and the Cross Guard (made famous by Cobrinha, Pe Da Pano, and Robson)  is that to make them effective, you have to have a step by step series to use them.

When you can use these to their maximum efficiency you will become like a sharp shooter who is breaking down your opponent's base at will.

Today your prayer is answered and it will be like clock-work from here on out. You are now going to master a sweep system from both the X and Cross guard.

Bonus: Spider Guard Mastery

BONUS: Spider Guard Mastery

In order to use the Spider Guard it will be essential to have these drills as part of your system. Otherwise, you are going to be average. You don't want to be like everyone else. You want to be great.

Start using these tactics and skills and your spider guard will be something everyone in your gym fears.

I had one of my blue belts named Zach develop his spider guard with this exact same system and I swear on my life no one in the gym could pass his guard, including myself. They only work if you make the time to use them. This course is super simple and fun so you will want to use it.

Are Ken's techniques legit? Well, hear what some of the best in the world have to say about Ken. 

Robson Moura,8 X World Champion

"I remember when I got here from Brazil and I met Ken Primola. We became friends and Ken was a great training partner for me. Ken helped me out a lot for my tournaments."

Robson Moura,8 X World Champion
David Avellan, 4 x ADCC Competitor (has victories over Xande Ribeiro and Rener Gracie)

"Had an awesome training session with Ken. Ken tuned up my takedown game and made me that much more dangerous."

David Avellan, 4 x ADCC Competitor (has victories over Xande Ribeiro and Rener Gracie)
Felipe Costa, Black Belt Adult World Champion

"Ken was a fantastic student at the Brasa Academy in Rio. It’s awesome that someone with a  solid wrestling background is still willing to improve in other styles. Ken is definitely one of the better technicians I have met."

Felipe Costa, Black Belt Adult World Champion

"Just One Technique Could Change Your Game Forever."

  • Want to dominate your toughest training partner? You will discover a secret half guard sweep I watched a top level black belt in Brazil run through his whole team with - Back to Back to Back . The best part is anyone can do it no matter what belt level (it is fool-proof) .
  • Learn the INSIDER secret to get the perfect timing on every sweep you hit (discover the game within the game).
  • How to never run out of sweep options against the sharpest guard passers.
  • Controlling the distance - Knowing not only what sweep to do but more importantly, now know when to do the right sweep at the right time (this is tragically overlooked)
  • You no longer need to live on the mat to master sweeps. You can choose one module at a time. They are so fun and simple (and highly effective) that the results will keep you motivated to do all of them
  • Discover the easiest way to master the spider guard. Your hand will be held to the point that you will be on the edge of your seat waiting to watch the next video. Mastering the spider guard will make you the envy at your school. (your opponents may get downright mad at you)
  • Only learn the latest and the highest percentage sweeps with technical precision and detail that will make you feel like you are robbing me.
  • Develop new found confidence in your bottom game that will make you want to train again like a new white belt, with that zest and pride that you were meant to feel and inspire others with.
  • Learn all of my sweeps taught directly to me from world Champions such as Robson Moura and all the secrets I learned at Checkmat Headquarters in Rio. I am talking stuff that has been proven to work in the world championships taught to me by world champions (but now you don't have to fly all the way to Brazil or spend all your money taking lessons to learn them ).
  • Plus so much more...

*Limited-Time Offer*

The System not only shows the actual sweeps used at the highest level. This system actually looks at the set ups and  intricacies for dominating from the bottom position altogether so you can finally understand how and why and when the sweep will work for you. There are plenty of great sweeps. But if done at the wrong time they are worthless. You will learn the ins and outs. This system was developed over 15 years of study, competition, and learning from the very best. I'm talking stuff I learned in the trenches where you will feel like we are talking face to face in a private studio. This video series comes with thoughtful notes that I burned the midnight oil for over 2 months putting together for you to give you that one on one feel. I left no stone unturned here. Be aware this is an extremely thorough  & potent course filled with scarce content. These highly guarded secrets will finally allow you to frustrate the heck out of your competition and take you to that next level. This is not stuff you just randomly pick up or get lucky with. Luck will not come into play here. When you start using these sweeps you will start to grasp what is called mastery. Don't be surprised if you have so much fun that you may even catch yourself watching this stuff over and over as you will see the results to be game-changing.

$67 (one-time payment)

All purchases include our No-Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Order your personal video course, and use it for 60 days. If, for any reason at all or no reason at all, you aren't completely satisfied after an entire 60 days - Just email me at [email protected] and I'll personally guarantee you get a complete refund within 24 hours. No problems at all.


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