How Not To Roll In BJJ: 4 Types of People To NOT Be

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Sparring/Rolling is essential for growth in Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

In fact many students believe that sparring is the most important aspect of Jiu jitsu.

Here are 4 tips on what not to do while sparring in Jiu jitsu class.

1. Don’t be a damn Spaz.

If you simply cannot control yourself remind yourself that less is more. If you simply do not know how your body functions and are elbowing people and kneeing them in the nuts then you may be considered a spaz or aggressive to some people and they may not want to roll with you. So go about half speed and let yourself lose if you have to in order to continue your journey. I say this because a spaz will not last. They will likely
get injured at some point and have to stop.

2. Don’t stop the roll and start asking questions while sparring.

Some people have agendas while sparring. Some may have little time. So if you stop the roll and start asking questions you are essentially taking that person’s training time. This can get super annoying.

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Talk after the roll unless this person is a higher belt and helping your during the roll and it is legit help.

3. Don’t always play top

A lot of people see bottom as losing and avoid it at all costs. They spend a minute fighting on their knees just to take top position. Man, it’s sparring, like chill out. Develop a bottom game also and get on top by a sweep.

4. Rolling at a distance

If you are rolling with someone then engage them. Don’t just try and endlessly run around them and avoid the inside game. It’s cool to play outside at times but not the whole session. Engage, learn how to grapple by grappling not backing away.

Do you agree with these? Do you have any other suggestions?


Ken Primola
author of Sparring Smarter & BJJ Intelligence